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We all missed going to Danville Stadium and enjoying a Danville Dans game last summer. The good news is that Dans baseball is back for 2021. But we are still in need of host families to house the players. 

“The Danville area is known for its hospitality,” said Danville Dans managing partner Jeanie Cooke. “We’re asking families to again volunteer to house these college kids for the summer season.”

The Dans team is a member of the Prospect League, one of the premier college summer leagues in the nation. Baseball players from California, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana and points in between come to Danville to improve their pitching, fielding skills and hitting with wood bats. 

“These players start off as just a houseguest, but overtime become part of the family. The memories and relationships host families make with their ‘guest sons’ are invaluable and will last a lifetime,” Cooke noted. Host families have visited their Dan in college, watched them make it to the major leagues, and even attended their wedding. “A Dan that lived with me one summer still calls me every Mother’s Day,” said Cooke with a smile.

Host families receive two free season tickets and are invited to host-family events during the season. They are also recognized during Host Family Night at the end of the season. Hosts provide living accommodations and some meals but do not have to provide transportation for their Dan.

“If you have some young baseball fans that would like a big brother for a summer, or you’re an empty nester looking for a two-month house guest, the Danville Dans can use you,” noted Cooke. You can contact host family coordinator Chris Jaruseski at 217-918-0996 or email her at mikeandchrisj@comcast.net.

And who knows, your summer house guest may become a major league all-star in the next few years.

For more information about the Danville Dans, visit our website, www.DanvilleDans.com

Posted 133 weeks ago