New Mobile Game During Dans Games

Introducing Micro Fantasy. It’s a FREE interactive game (app or website) that lets you guess what’s going to happen during the next play. If you’re the best guesser, you win! There are three chances to win in each baseball game. (Each contest last 3 innings.) Prize range from our popular blue snow cones to a “major awards” from our fabulous sponsors.

At the ballpark, Danterns will be around to help you get started, but why wait? Here’s how it works.

DOWNLOAD Download the Micro Fantasy app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can play online too.

Join us at the ballpark for baseball and friends. Can’t make it. You can still play Micro Fantasy while listening on WDAN or watching on PLTV.

Using the app, tap a button to predict the result of the next play. See what others are choosing in real time.

Predictions are locked. Enjoy real-time game action while you wait for the result.

Correct predictions receive points. The most points in a contest is the Dans’ Micro Fantasy Champion.

Micro Fantasy is a fun way to get a little kid engaged in the game… or a big kid too. The Dans encourage smack talk amounts friends and public “I’m Better Than You” dances when you win.

Local businesses, Micro Fantasy is a great way to get noticed. We still have inventory available for prize sponsors, banner ads and video board ads. Contact Mary Ellen if you’re interested in the most innovative marketing opportunities available in Vermilion County.