Be a Fan
From providing great entertainment to working with little leagues,The Dans is the community's team. That's why it's so important that we have your support. To help the Dans grow, you can:

  • Spread the word: talk about the fun you have at games
  • Invite someone new to the next game (Two Buck Tuesdays are idea for newbies!)
  • Wear your Dans shirts and hats
  • Join us on Facebook

Be a Volunteer
Love the atmosphere sitting in the stadium? You'll move the atmosphere behind the scenes too. We need all sorts of help, from collecting tickets to writing press releases. Conant
Jeanie Cooke for details.

Be a Host Family
We need generous and willing families to open their homes to players for the season. The host family program is a vital part of our baseball program and community. Host families are not financially compensated, but the chance to experience the day to day trials and tribulations of a professional ballplayer is an opportunity few people will get to witness. It's an ideal opportunity for a family with little one who "love this game!" Click to learn more.

Be a Sponsor
In the season, the Dans are introducing new, exciting opportunities for area businesses to both show their support for the team and to explore new marketing opportunities. Plus, we can customize sponsorships or giveaways to fit into your individual business plan. Click to learn more.